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Juseph ballestero
Juseph ballestero
Juseph ballestero

Juseph ballestero


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Juseph ballestero


Because sound matters.

Juseph ballestero


Hear the difference and get inspired.

Juseph ballestero


Optimize your cymbal sound.


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Juseph ballestero


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Juseph ballestero


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Juseph Ballestero was born on May 29, 1986 in Maracaibo City. He has a Human Resources Management degree. Since his first years of life he felt a huge musical inclination, that is the reason why he became a venezuelan Musician and drummer, he studied music at The Music Conservatory “Jose Luis Paz”. At the age of 13 years old, he began to be part of different bands at a regional level, and because of his hard work he got a place in the prestigious band of the church “De la Cruz”, which is the church with the largest number of congregants in Venezuela, where the weekly attendance is of 12,000 people or more.

Juseph has worked with multiple international artists, such as: Chino & Nacho. Robert & Rawy (Menudo) Zumba international, Karina, Caibo, Julissa, Tecupae, Nicolas Tovar, and other more.

Juseph has an instrumental band that has taught master classes and has participated in major music festivals of Venezuela and United States, as well as in Aruba and Panamá. Likewise, he has toured with many international artists like Mónica Rodriguez a Christian Musician and singer (Winner of a Latin Grammy on 2010 in the category “Best Christian Album”), Julissa Arce, Luis Santiago, Nicolás Tovar, Ingrid Rosario, Jaime Murrel and others.

Being certified as an Intructor and Examiner by Yamaha, Juseph taught the popular music course (PMC) also known as the Yamaha method at the prestigious World Music Academy, with more than 130 drummer students only at Maracaibo, Venezuela; adding more students to his music teaching career at the international master classes he gave in United States, Panama, Aruba and other Venezuelan cities as well. He has been the music professor with the greatest number of graduates of drum classes at a Latin American level.

Juseph ballestero


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Juseph ballestero
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